"Import specialists coordinate with the filer of the ACE requirements to ensure conformity with the cargo description values and HTS codes to make the inbound clearance of the goods possible."

Imports and Exports

With respect to ship’s spare spares, we can coordinate the lawful receipt of goods from a vessel creating or packaging air or sea freight to a destination or direct door to door services. All expert documentation including the automated Export System (AES) filling is accomplished in house as well as advance notice to receivers of all shipment Routing details and tracing We assist our clients in preparing documents and make sure your cargo is cleared from the movement it arrives, avoiding demurrage and saving you time and money.

Our experiences customs clearing agents have in depth knowledge of clearance regulation, procedures and industry best practices.

24 / 7 SERVICE

  • Oil and Gas
  • Ship Husbandry Services.
  • Ship Hull cleaning Solution.
  • Import/Export.


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